Hide His Word In Your Heart



Hide His Word In Your Heart

If your Bible was taken away today
And His word is hidden in your heart
If there's Scriptures hidden there
From you, it will NEVER depart.

It will keep you strong, and wisdom to you give
You can walk in His presence all the time
The Word in your heart will lift you up
And keep you on that straight and narrow line.

So read His Scriptures every day
Then when difficult times shall come
You'll be prepared in His wonderful love
You'll defeat ALL, not just some.

Listen to me, and listen well
The time may very well come
That all Bibles be taken away
In your heart you MUST have the Son.

When you can no longer read His Word
If it isn't hidden deep with-in
How will you make it through perilous times
How will you survive without Him?

Please, I beg you, read every day
It will keep you from being deceived
And the world will know without a doubt
That you are one who believes.

© Carrie Kinyon  3/2010


Song: They'll Never Take My Jesus Out Of My Heart
Vocal: Michael Combs

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