Praising His Name

Lord, how can I thank you for all that you've done
When at evening the sun has gone down.
When I've done a day's work, then sit down to rest
And think how your love does abound.

Lord, may I always be able to praise
Even when things go wrong.
If I'm happy, or if I'm sad
May there be in my heart a song.

A song of praise to my Lord and my King
May I bless somebody today.
Walk with me Jesus, and hold my hand
As I travel down life's way.

There will be good times, of this I am sure
There will be perhaps, ill health.
There will be times I'll be in need
And maybe some times of wealth.

What ever comes, and what ever goes
If you're walking by my side.
I can praise Your name in all situations
For in you, Precious Lord, I abide.

Carrie Kinyon 9/12/09

Song: Take My Hand Precious Lord
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