He's Alive!


My spirit soars my heart rejoices
For I know He is alive!

No matter what happens one thing is sure
In Him I will always abide.

When I was so deep in sin He loved me anyway
When He was on the cross, He was heard to say.

Father forgive them, for they know not what they do
He then gave up the ghost, and died for me and you.

He's never let me down when I've gone to Him in prayer
When my heart is heavy, He makes sure I know He cares.

He is my heavenly Father, my Savior and my friend
My love and praise for Him will never, ever end.

So Father God in Heaven and also in my heart
I thank you for your forgiveness and because
 from me you'll never part.

You are alive, and the reason I know it's true
You live within my heart, Oh how I love you!

  Carrie Kinyon 5/8/2009