Blood Coated Flag



Is Not

Blood Coated Flag

Freedom is not free, The cost is dear
A blood coated flag, our loved ones not here.

They're fighting a war, to keep our country free
Blood flows freely, Soldiers die for you and me.

Another kind of freedom was bought long ago
Death on the cross, so cruel and slow.

God gave His only son, He died to make us free
Blood flowed freely, to save you and me.

Don't trample on that flag, coated with blood 
Paid for with lives, of the ones that we love.

Don't trample on our freedoms, the cost is too dear 

Please pay attention, listen and hear.

Don't trample on the blood of Christ
Don't trample His love and grace.

Paid for that day on Calvary
When Jesus took our place

Don't abuse freedoms paid for by His blood!
Don't abuse freedoms paid for by the blood of our US Troops!

Carrie Kinyon 7/2008


Top picture not a part of Dawn's Mix N Match