Whose Report Do We Believe?

Whose Report

When  you've prayed And He seems not to hear.
You can't feel His touch have faith, He is near.
Pour out your heart His compassion you'll feel
With every breath, you'll know He is real.

Accept not the report of mere mortal man
But wait for the one  with the nail scarred hands.
That's why His blood flowed so freely that day
Stripes on His back, To bring healing your way.

Decide today what you will believe
Trust in God, And His blessings receive.
Listen to Satan and he'll pull you down
He'll turn your smile into a frown.

God speaks softly, a whisper in your ear
Satan will roar to make sure you hear
The still small voice is the one to believe
And blessings from on high you will receive.

So Choose this day, whom you will serve
Be very sure whose voice you've heard
There's  two reports to accept or refuse
Choose the Lords, And you'll never lose.

Carrie Kinyon    2001


inspired by a sermon by 
Mary Osborne