What This World Has Come To




It's frightening to know what this world has come to
When you watch the news and see what some people do.
A fast growing church, by Oprah is led
It's not God's word that they are being fed.

I knew the first time I heard her say
Jesus is not the only way.
She could say what she chooses 
But one day she'll be one that loses.

Then there was Elvis, so loved by all
He could of led our young people to hear God's call.
But instead his life was of wealth and glamour
For the fast life and drugs the kids did clamor. 

If those loved by the youth of our land today
Would just use their talent in a better way
They could lead them to heaven instead of hell
And one day God would say to them, All is well.

With the election approaching, for whom can we vote?
Is there one that can bring our country some hope?
A man who thinks he can change every thing?
A woman that dishonesty, to the white house will bring?

God help a country that was built on faith
And allegiance to God who gave us His grace.
And now they forget or just won't look to Him
For guidance and mercy, to them He's a has been.

The solution to it all is in God's Holy Word
Where he says love one another, was it even heard?
If we teach our children to love and fight the good fight
We could sleep at night knowing all is alright.

Carrie Kinyon   4/10/ 2008