What Are You Screaming About?




This is a question to those in hell,
What are you screaming about?
Didn't you know that once you were there,
You could never, ever get out?

You see the pastor that led the way,
He wasn't even saved himself.
So in hell he'll hear your tortured screams,
The message you gave didn't help!

Why didn't you warn me that hell is real,
As I sat there in the pew?
Now I'm tortured in these awful flames
And it's all because of you!

Then you look across that great divide,
There stands your sainted mother.
You scream out for help but she can't hear,
You're in hell!  you'll never cross over.

You're suffering now in hell's awful flames,
As you remember every time,
You heard that still small voice,
But you would not walk the line.

You heard the Word, but you refused,
To give up all your fun.
You thought you were too young to die,
But life as you knew it, is done.

You lift your eyes from torturing heat,
You'll never make it out.
You were warned so many times,
So what are you screaming about?

Carrie Kinyon  10/28/2004