Your Heavenly Flight

It's been many years since God called you home,
But I think about you every day, since you've  been gone.

There's been many loses in my life, as the years have gone by,
But none so meaningful as you, Mom, I still think of you and cry.

I miss the way we used to talk about everything on our mind.
The way we'd sing together, blending your voice with mine.

I remember how proud of me you were, I was the apple of your eye.
And how it broke this heart of mine when I had to say goodbye.

But God wanted a sweet Lily in His garden of delight,
So He called our your name, and you took your heavenly flight.

I'll be there someday Mom, I know you're waiting there for me.
And I'm so anxious once again, your beautiful face to see.

I want to sing with you again and hear our voices blend.
And know without a single doubt, our life together will never end.

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon  1/22/2023


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