What The Cross Means To Me

The preacher asked the question, what does the cross mean to you?
I've never taken for granted Lord,  all the things you do.
But never really thought so deeply of the cross as I did today,
I tried to imagine what you went through, to provide for me a way. 

A way to have my sins forgiven, A way to make it through,
Because of what you did on Calvary, I can spend eternity with you.
Lord you willingly went to the cross, and lay your body down.
Soldiers nailed you to the tree and your blood streamed to the ground.

Because of the cross I can be free, free of sin and shame,
Because of the cross I lift my hands, and praise your Holy name.
Now I don't have to live my life  in sin and degradation,
I can lift my head up high, my heart in pure elation.

Because of the cross I won't go to hell, I'll have a home in Heaven above.
Because of the cross I can know the fullness, of God's great perfect love.
Thank you Jesus, for the work you did, on Calvary's rugged tree.
Thank you for giving your life's blood, because of your great love for me.

What does the cross mean to me? it's a bridge on which to trod.
It's the way that Jesus provided for us to get to God.

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   1/8/2005


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