This Glorious Morn

This glorious morn, I'm reminded of a day.
In a foreign land so far away.

When the Son of God Had been in the grave
For three long days, His life He gave.


That glorious morn, He came forth from the tomb!
The first Easter morning, Saved us from doom.

Where could you find one as loving and true
As He who gave His life for me and for you.


When His blood was shed, there was sorrow and fright.
Oh! but that glorious morn, everything was made right.

I love Him so much for what He's done for me
I wish the whole world could be made to see.


And realize what happened that long ago day
When redemption came, and the price He did pay.

What A Glorious Day!


Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   3/23/2008



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