Thank You Jesus

Sometimes I wish I could just stay in bed
So I wouldn't have to listen to these thoughts in my head.
Then I remember, God is still on His throne
And I know without a doubt, I am NOT alone!

I have thoughts of self pity and thoughts of woe
I think to myself, There's just no place I can go.
To get peace of mind, and forget all my trouble
Then I remember, My Lord is like no other!

He can take all these thoughts and replace them with love
He can make me remember, God's not just up above.
But He's in my heart, where He's been for so long
He can replace these woes with a brand new song!

I'm so glad He's  with me and loves me so much
He always knows, when I need His sweet touch.
Thank you Jesus for your love so complete
And the knowledge that someday, in heaven we'll meet.

I long for that day when I can see you dear face
And at your feet, I can take my place.
And sing praises forever to my Lord and my King
And give thanks through-out eternity for EVERYTHING!

I love you Jesus, Thank you!

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   8/17/2008


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This  Set Of Graphics were made for me  by: Graphics By: Dot
Thank you Dot for these beautiful graphics