Suddenly Without Warning

Suddenly without warning
That's how things can be.
A car came out of nowhere
Never thought it could happen to me.

Suddenly without warning
Your child's temperature will rise.
The death angel comes calling
To claim your most precious prize.

Suddenly without warning
Sirens blare out in the night.
You awake to smoke and flames crackling
You barely escape with your life.

Suddenly without warning
A terrible storm hits your town.
The governor declares a disaster
There's devastation all around.

Suddenly without warning
Time as we know it will end.
Christ will appear on a cloud of Glory
His saints will rise to meet Him.

Today is the day of Salvation
You need to make ready your heart.
Suddenly without warning, He'll accept you
And from Him you'll never again part.

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   5/7/2004


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This  Set Of Graphics were made for me  by: Graphics By: Dot
Thank you Dot for these beautiful graphics