Prayer For The Aged

It's sad to see one sick and old
No longer spry, no longer bold.
A sip of water through a straw
She looks at me in love and awe.

She thinks her life is meaning-less
I wish she'd see how she can bless
Her family, friends and ones giving care.
The stories and wisdom she can share.

Just getting to know her at this time
The love and awesome feeling is all mine.
She's seen more in her lifetime than I could ever see
And I thank God she can share  with me.

Father God I ask a blessing only you can give
To make her know she's got a life she can live.
Let her know she's needed and loved
Until the day you take her to her home above.

Give her back the will to live
Help her to see how much she has to give.
And when you see fit to take her home
May she realize we'll be sad that she's gone.

Inspired by: Nell Traynum

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   2/25/2009


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