Heaven Knows  (For our Pastor: Tim Nelson)

For every church, there is a special need.
For that one God sends, His Word to heed.
He will lead the people in the way that is right.
Be there when he's needed both day and night.

Beside every good Pastor, stands a good Pastor's wife.
That special lady God has placed in his life.
They work tirelessly together, their Savior to please
They'll go that extra mile to meet someone's needs.

We at Peniel have been so richly blessed.
When God chose us a pastor, He chose the very best.
A man of God, eager the Word to teach.
A desire in his heart, the community to reach.

Tim and Alpha Rae, you stand tall in our eyes.
We believe when you came, we received a real prize.
According to Timothy, five and seventeen.
You are worthy of double honor, from all we've seen.

So on this day of celebration, appreciation for all you do.
We want you to know, we're standing with you.
Preach us the Word, even step on our toes.
We're so happy you're with us, Heaven Knows!

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   11/1/2006


Alpha Rae (Our Pastor's Wife)

When we honor your husband, we must honor you too.
For all your love and kindness, for all the things you do.

The choir appreciates you, more than you could ever know.
You teach us how to enunciate and how a song should go.

Before you, we sang by letter, open up and letter fly
Now that you are our director, our voices are lifted high.

You've taught us to retard, and a line to modulate.
You had your work cut out, when you tried to set us straight.

With you as our director, we sing praises to His name.
We just want you to know, Alpha Rae, we're so glad you came.

With love and prayers,  Your Choir

Copyright: Carrie Kinyon 11/1/2006

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