No Excuse

There's no excuse for not being involved
In some good service or deed.
God expects us to do our best
When we see someone in need.

All the excuses have been used up
And I don't think God was impressed.
He'll use each of us in the state we're in
In our weakness, He's at His best.

Do you think you're too old? Abraham was too
And Jacob was insecure
Moses stuttered, Joseph was abused
Adam and Eve got caught in Satan's lure.

Samson was co-dependent, Naomi a widow
And Paul was a man of bad health.
Peter was impulsive and hot headed for sure
And for Gideon there was no earthly wealth.

David had an affair, family problems galore
Jeremiah was a man depressed.
Rahab was immoral, Elijah suicidal
The Samaritan woman, 5 husbands, no less.

Zacchaeus was unpopular, Thomas had doubts
Timothy was as shy as could be.
John the Baptist, eccentric, to say the least
Surely God can use you and me.

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   11/15/2003


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