Jesus Wept  

Last night when I had gone to sleep,
I thought I heard my Savior weep.
My heart ached when I realized,
I'd brought those tears to Jesus' eyes. 

I saw Him kneeling by my bed,
Was listening to the words He said.
"My precious Father most holy and high,
My child has let her life slip by.

Without a thought to blood I spilled,
Just thinking of her own selfish will.
Father in heaven she must see,
For that one she hates, she's hating me.

I want to hear her when she calls,
But this hate she feels has built a wall.
My love for her is deep and strong,
I understand her because I was wronged."

I awoke from a dream, it seemed so real,
His holy presence I could still feel.
I could no longer see His face,
But in my heart, He took His place.

My pillow was wet from tears I'd cried,
I'd been washed clean of hate and pride.
I'd learned to forgive, He forgave me,
At last my soul had been set free.

This is from an experience I had many years ago, 
I still am not sure if I was asleep or awake.  

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   1970


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