Jesus I Adore You

Jesus I adore you
For all the things you do for me.
I want to sing your praises
Of how you died upon a tree.

You gave your life so willingly
Took the torture that they gave.
You shed your precious blood for me
So my soul You could save.

But for the blood that ran that day
Down the cross and to the ground.
I shutter to think of where I'd be
When judgment day rolls around.

My soul would be bound for a burning hell
Made for Satan and his imps.
I'd never see that glorious land
Or of Heaven get a glimpse.

I'd not spend eternity
Kneeling at your nail scared feet.
And all my loved ones that have gone on
I'd never again get to meet.

How I praise and thank you Lord
For the blood you shed for me.
So when death's angel comes
I'll know just where
I'll be.

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   6/4/2010


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