I Ask Myself

Am I all I can be for Jesus?
Is the question I ask myself.
Have I neglected some soul gone astray
Some one I could of given help?

So many questions I'm asking now
The answers are plain to see.
I have to ask for forgiveness
If I'm to be honest with me.

Have I given my all to my Savior
Do I use all the talents He gives?
When I see someone falling in darkness
Do I really care how he lives?

Do I offer words of comfort
To a broken hearted person in tears?
How much more could I have done
To lift someone's spirit over the years?

I could of read your word more faithfully
I could of prayed and witnessed more.
I could of helped more people find their way
Seeking love I could of led them to the Lord.

Lord help me to be more thoughtful
More willing to lend a hand.
Help me to be more like you Lord
So I'll make it to the promised land,

I love you with all of my heart, Lord
But sometimes my flesh grows weak.
Sometimes I need help just to stand Lord
More often to you I should speak.

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   7/4/2004


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