How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

How beautiful Heaven must be
If it's more  than the beauty I see.
I see no streets of gold or gates of pearl
But God, you made such a beautiful world.

As I look at the water all rippling and bright
Every tree made by your own hand
I wonder how many millions of leaves you designed
When you were making this beautiful land.

You went one step farther, you made Adam and Eve
To replenish this wonderful world
You put a twinkle in the eye of every little baby
And a smile on every boy and girl.

As time went on and I was born
You knew what would be my desire
You placed me where I could see your face
And in my heart you kindled a fire

You gave me a love for your beautiful creation
A talent to sing and to write
There's no place I'd rather be
Than here, in your presence tonight.

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon  2001


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This  Set Of Graphics were made for me  by: Graphics By: Dot
Thank you Dot for these beautiful graphics