He's Alive

My spirit soars, my heart rejoices
For I know He is alive!

Only one thing matters, one thing is sure,
In Him I will always abide.

When I was so deep in sin, He loved me any way
When He was on the cross, He was heard to say.

Father forgive them, for they know not what they do,
He then gave up the ghost, and died for me and you.

He's never let me down, when I've gone to Him in prayer,
When my heart is heavy, He makes sure I know He cares.

He is my heavenly Father, my Savior and my friend,
My love and praise for Him sill never ever end.

So Father God in heaven and also in my heart,
Thank you for forgiving me, From you I'll never part.

You are alive, and the reason I know it's true,
You live within my heart, Oh, how I love you!

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   5/8/2009


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This  Set Of Graphics were made for me  by: Graphics By: Dot
Thank you Dot for these beautiful graphics