God Gave A Vision

He saw the highway covered in debris,
When trouble was headed my way
He heard the voice of God
Instructing  him to pray.

I was driving a little too fast,
It was a dark and foggy night.
When I hit gravel and lost control
I just held on to Jesus real tight.

I  knew at once someone was praying,
I felt a peace only God can give.
Then I thanked Him for keeping me safe,
I knew I'd not die but I'd live.

Lord may I be, just as faithful as he,
When someone's in trouble and needs prayer,
May I be willing to stay on my knees,
Just as long as I need to be there.

Inspired by Gary Jones, who obeyed the voice of God
And prayed for me.

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon  7/30/2004


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