Furnace Of Fire

There were three Hebrew boys in a furnace of fire.
So hot it killed the ones that threw them in there.
Those watching on, were thinking they might die,
Why they were spared, They knew not why.

How amazed they were as they looked in to see,
The three boys were there, but there wasn't just three.
They gazed in disbelief and they gazed in awe,
When four men walking around was what they saw.

No smell of flesh burning, no smoke did they smell,
The miracle of living, all seemed to be well.
When the boys came out of that fiery place,
Where was the fourth man, had he left in haste?

Be committed to God, and He'll be committed too,
That fourth man will walk through the fire with you.
When you go through the fiery trials of life,
He'll lead you through all your troubles and strife.

Who is that fourth man, and where is He now?
He's Jesus my Lord and to Him I will bow.
He lives in the heart of His children, each one.
He's there for us all when all is said and done.

He's led me out of so many trials and doubt,
I got myself in, but He got me out.
My Lord and my Savior, I'll forever love Him,
For He's forgiven me for every sin.

What He did in that furnace of days gone by,
He'll do for us when He hears our heart's cry.
He's great and awesome, He's the Great I Am,
When you can't get yourself out, knew that He can!

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon 1/2010


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