Divine Appointment

I had an appointment with the doctor, but I refused to go,
What's causing all this pain, well, I don't really know.

Had an appointment Sunday evening, at the church down the street.
There was a miracle there awaiting, I missed it, Now I weep.

Is today your appointed time, to give your heart to God?
Is that straight and narrow road, your appointed place to trod?

We each have an appointment, that divine appointed time,
That we will answer for our sins, you for yours, and me for mine.

When I stand before the King, on that great and glorious day,
I want him to welcome me in, I want to hear him say.

Welcome home my faithful child, I've been waiting here for you,
There's so much here to enjoy, so much for you to do.

Walk with me on streets of gold, sing around the throne.
Enjoy eternity here with me, every thing earthly now is gone!

No more pain and sorrow, no sin, and no more fear 
Just spend eternity praising me, I'll forever keep you near.

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon 2004


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