Angel Of Comfort

Lying there, on a hospital bed
Frightened almost out of my head
Then I heard a sound, a voice so sweet
I know an angel, I was about to meet.

She was over in the corner
Singing soft and low
The words brought me comfort
God was with me, she made me know.

I'll never forget the words she sang
In my heart, each word rang
I lay there thinking, my own angel God has sent
Just to give me comfort is what He meant.

A word of thanks to my angel so dear
For making me stop for a moment, and realize God was near
I had no need to worry, you made me see
His eye is on the sparrow, so I know he watches me.

Written to thank the wonderful nurse at Baptist Hospital, Endoscopy Unit.
You made me feel so close to God and un-afraid. God bless you.

Copyright  Carrie Kinyon  8/29/2002


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